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Our Furniture

Why should you purchase our furniture and not “theirs?”

Our furniture is made from reclaimed lumber ranging in age from 80 to 100 years. Each piece is unique as no board of this type looks like any other! Natural imperfections such as small cracks, nail holes, and warps have been intentionally left untouched to capture the beauty, charm, and history of the reclaimed wood. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and individually finished, a process in which it has been sanded, stained and urethaned, before the final several coats of paste wax are applied to the top surfaces. The result is a very user friendly product with a rich patina and fine finish which fits well with both a contemporary and a more “relaxed” decorative style. Perhaps the most appealing feature ot this furniture is the different shades evident in each piece resulting from the different ages of the boards and their usage in the barn. Older, more weathered pieces tend to be darker.

We are proud to represent Camlen Furniture and have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with this Canadian Furniture manufacturer. Our years spent as custom cabinet makers have made us very aware of quality work and value for your hard earned money. With Camlen you are assured of both and we encourage you to the link provided and see the entire line. We carry a good and varied selection of Camlen in the store and will happily order any piece you like from the their web site http://www.camlenfurniture.com/ .

Our furniture is the foundation for our business and we are 100% committed to providing products that will satisfy you in all respects. We take pride in saying that we have been major contributors to favourite rooms all over Ontario and as far away as the Yukon. Whether for your cottage, ski chalet, or comfortable home in the city, we encourage you to visit our store…….

We’re proud of it!

Thank you, Murray, Gaye, and Ron

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